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Plug. Play. Predict.

The plug-n-play Machine Learning platform to create and manage your own customized libraries and data processes. Ingest and manage structured and unstructured data, customize dashboards and reports, choose from a library of AI ? plugins to help you understand your data in new ways.

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A place for all your data without expensive and time consuming Data Warehouse initiatives

The place where Business and Science meet in an Ocean of Data and Machine Learning. From enterprise applications to outside 3rd party data and IoT.

“Synaptik is one of the few companies we’ve seen that is as future thinking as Google Cloud is… This is 5 years ahead…” Patrick, Google Enterprise


“Synaptik is very cool solutions…” Doug Smith, Senior Director, Microsoft Corporation



Connect to Digital & IoT data, enhanced with AI plugins (1-click plugins)


Build out dashboards and collaborate (presentation capability)


Models at your fingertips (time series, correlations, ML, Neural Networks)

The CMS for Analytics

See how to transform ? your business & data process today with fast data management, and robust dashboards with AI.

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“You can’t beat its flexibility and raw power. So many other systems are limited and look at a small spectrum of the big picture…” Rebecca, Northeastern University


The Synaptik platform makes it easier for business environments to connect with alternative data shared models, statistical tools and Machine Learning specialists for deep mining and predictions.

One company is reducing their OpEx by $34MM per year using Synaptik, with automated ETL and Workflow. “Synaptik has enabled us to find things that others can’t, and at incredible speed. Let’s keep this train going!” private client


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